Murga Accordion Print
Unfolding Martin Azambuja’s “Murga” serigraph

At the end of last week, this charming almost mid-century style serigraph (screenprint) designed by Martín Azambuja landed in my mailbox. I backed the Kickstarter project that helped fund its production, so it wasn’t an unexpected surprise. Yet it arrived at the perfect moment when I needed a distraction from the Current Situation.

As an object, it’s a pathway into a culture and history I know little about. I’ve since learned that Murga is a popular form of musical theatre in Uraguay, Argentina, Spain, and other countries. Perhaps most interesting is that because of how the content of these performances is developed, it can act as a form of popular resistance — something I can definitely get behind.

Copies are available through Flecha Books, including an almost ridiculously huge holographic sticker companion. Yes, I got one of those too.