Through Lines 116

I enjoyed a good chuckle as Ben from Death Cab for Cutie has to deal with a couple millennials at the factory producing their new album, Asphalt Meadows in this new video for the track Here to Forever, directed by Lance Bangs.

  • The Coolest Picture of Space I've Ever Seen. The images, including the Carina Nebula from the JWST released this week are truly magical and wondrous.
  • I’m intrigued by this teaser of sorts from who I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while. Definitely has a classic Apple 1984 kind of vibe but without really revealing what it is they’re actually building.
  • Every once and a while I’m reminded of Neil Finn’s fantastic performance of The Smiths’ classic There is a Light That Never Goes Out with an all-star band including Johnny Marr and members of Radiohead.
  • The new trailer for the Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power gives me goosebumps. I hope it will hold up and build on the best parts of the original trilogy.
  • I enjoyed Dark Matter and just picked up Blake Crouch’s Upgrade which I’m looking forward to starting this week. A “Pandora’s box” indeed.
  • This new legislation in California requiring the costs of recycling being passed back to the original product manufacturers is a big, big deal. It’s the right thing to do though as a way to encourage less single-use and other environmentally damaging products from entering the consumer landscape.
  • Whether we like it or not, remote- and hybrid-work is part of how society functions now, and I found a few interesting new ideas in this article from The Atlantic about How to Solve Remote Work's Biggest Problem.
  • “It’s pretty funny that the world is ending and we all just have to keep going to our little jobs lol.” It's Time to Stop Living the American Scam. Required reading.
  • NFT nonsense aside, this virtual museum experience in a browser is a bit bonkers.
  • Books aren't going anywhere. Because e-books still suck for the most part.
  • m-cli is one for the macOS command-line nerds. I love it.
  • New favorite acronym: Return on Imagination.

Notable Type Releases

  • I’d kind of forgot about the very versatile open-source Recursive from Arrow Type, but it recently got an upgrade so landed back on my radar. Might be time to try switching up my code editor typeface choices.
  • Aimé from Family Type looks like it could be a quiet workhorse kind of text face that appears subtle at small sizes but whose personality comes out when used big!
  • Colophon’s Sunset Gothic now has italics! They are very slant-y and painterly which makes sense given the inspiration from John Baldessari.