Through Lines 083

I’ve long wished to give myself the freedom (of time, of mind) to spend 30 minutes a day to collage. Every time I have, it’s always been worth the effort as a mental and emotional release and a rare opportunity where the purpose doesn’t have to be anything more than the act itself.

  • The LeMond Prolog looks like the first eBike I’d really consider riding, though the price is currently a bit too rich for my wallet.
  • I basically hate VR but I see the potential in AR if handled well. Quoting John Hanke, [VR] “takes us away from what fundamentally makes us happy as human beings. We’re biologically evolved to be present in our bodies and to be out in the world. The tech world that we’ve been living in, as exacerbated by Covid, is not healthy.”
  • I finished a first read through of Offline Matters this past week. It’s a book I expect to return to regularly and so clearly paints a picture of a world I find myself immersed, but increasingly uncomfortable in.
  • Related to the above: 100 Things We've Lost to the Internet. Looking forward to reading this one too.
  • There will always be a place for taking something old and making something new from it. PlymouthPress, which came out of the letterpress studio at Plymouth University in the UK is no exception.
  • PVC from Production Type is lovely. That V… swoon!
  • The Ohno Type School ebook has all the tips you need on drawing type and includes a license for James’ own Degular Display.
  • How the Ampersand got its name — a few details in this I was unaware of.
  • Detailed CT scans of LEGO Minifigs, a fascinating look under the surface.
  • An ode to the humble Post-It Note.
  • And one to the humble BBQ chip. My favorite.