Through Lines 082

I remember saving UPC codes from Star Wars figures back when I was a young lad to order the special Boba Fett figure from Kenner, so this special on the character who’s finally getting the attention he deserves I’m sure will be a fun nostalgia trip and exciting ramp up to the Book of Boba Fett which premieres before the end of the year.

  • Looking forward to my copy of Much Care Less, a new experimental Riso book. I’m really curious how the mono print idea played out, especially as I’m sitting on a stack of used masters myself.
  • A real oddball, out of left field project to be the first public work from Jony Ive’s new LoveFrom studio. Proof that you can still surprise and delight with something as simple as paper.
  • The sharp cuts of Sudtipos’ new Seferis typeface are, ahem, very sharp. Immediately made me think of John Downer’s Vendetta, an old favorite.
  • I doubt I need another new grotesque type family in my library but Ambit from Mark Bloom’s CoType Foundry is going on my wishlist nonetheless.
  • The the ear on the lowercase g caught my eye immediately in Miriam Surányi’s Margit.
  • An interesting take from Robin Sloan on the very buzzy Web3 terminology and ideas that are increasingly tossed around. Like him, I remain healthily skeptical.
  • Filing LDN Penrose away for future identity or other large-scale graphics projects.
  • Very proud of my pal Rachel and the great work she brought to bear in this redesign of Departures magazine.
  • The Walker design blog interviews designer Geoff Han who I wasn’t familiar with but am now a big fan of.
  • Part three of Doug’s research into the failed Denver 76 Olympics bid.
  • Looking forward to taking the kiddos to visit the Art of the Brick exhibit.
  • How to rewild your attention. Yes, more like this please!