Through Lines 079

This is a fascinating and insightful interview with Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood on their work together on the art for Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac albums. Of course there’s also something subversively hilarious about receiving questions by fax.

  • I’m honestly a little surprised this kind-of monograph of the work of typographer and illustrator Clara Istlerová didn’t come from the Briefcase type crew, but sounds like an equally worth addition to any designer’s library.
  • I really didn’t care for The Circle, but Dave Egger’s sequel, The Every has my attention if only for the 32 different artist-led covers which include personal favorites and friends, especially Kristin Farr, Tucker Nichols, and Geoff McFetridge.
  • A thorough review/recap of recent type news, more than I would ever hope to capture can be found via Proof&Co if that’s your cup of tea. Subscribe!
  • A critical and important talk from Karim Rashid on the state of design. Watch/listen.
  • There’s not enough good outline style typefaces. Alanna Munro’s recent release Formulate fills that gap — and then some.
  • Arthur C. Brooks is onto something about how we see ourselves and work.
  • As someone who suffers from numbness in my hands during lengthy bike rides, the Personomic custom bike grips project may be the solution for me.
  • Obviously I love this new Mohawk Paper with a Plan promotion. I got my copy of the new books yesterday and they are fabulous and it’s a simple but smart way to help designers think about paper.
  • Part not quite balloon type, part anatomy (ahem), Lobular from Tunera Type Foundry is weird, fun, and also released freely through the SIL Open Source license!
  • Billy Bragg is truly a treasure of a musician.
  • The Flickr Foundation — Yes!