Through Lines 075

If You Say the Word from the forthcoming KID A MNESIA dual re-release is such a great track and hard to believe it got relegated to a B-side. This video from Norwegian filmmaker Kasper Häggström is spot on too.

  • I frequently go back to the line “there’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want” and remind myself that many of my best ideas came from being lazy. And by that I mean, intentionally giving myself space and time to wander — what to most people might look like doing nothing.
  • The future of work should mean working less. Yes indeed.
  • Accessibility isn’t something that should be an add-on or done after the fact when building for the web and sadly often is. I started with that in mind for this site and continue to introduce small improvements whenever I can. I just fixed an issue with the skip navigation link just last week thanks to this article from Viget.
  • “…if you really connect the dots, [everything] is connected to some sort of wicked problem that ramifies into the social and the environmental spheres…” 2021 AIGA medalist Terry Irwin on navigating mid-career crisis and wicked problems.
  • I never met Dai but I licensed his Eubie Script typeface very early on under its original name, so the posthumous release of Kadebra this week feels very bittersweet.
  • First Things First 2020, a manifesto for our times. Again.
  • I feel like I really do need to see this final Genesis tour before it’s over.
  • I challenge any music fan to watch this 1981 performance of the Genesis track Duchess and deny Phil’s chops as a singer and his charisma as a frontman.
  • Kris Sowersby again goes above and beyond in his own particular way with Epicene. The extensive historical and contextual design notes are illuminating and beautiful in their own right too.
  • Mortier from Coppers and Brasses is one I’d be interested to put to the test in a real world painting on courses (rows) of bricks. Related, Stack by James Todd.
  • Mochi by Andrei Robu seems perfectly made for the next big fun, slightly quirky restaurant branding project. The counter shapes do the real heavy lifting here.
  • A handy Kirby tips on running batch content updates. Filling away for future use.
  • Why are hyperlinks blue? A fun journey through internet history.