Through Lines 066

This is some corny nonsense from Dave Grohl and co., but it’s maybe also kinda great. I suspect over time this will fall into the “guilty pleasure” category.

  • Not gonna say I need this new LEGO Volkswagen T2 camper van set, but… c’mon!
  • Is it weird that I feel like Mass Romantic should be older than 21 years? The question now is: is this just a re-release or a remaster too?
  • So you like the recent Burger King rebrand? Maybe you’d like a side order of Fenotype’s new Skillet typeface too? Cooper Black vibes big time.
  • “In a world powered by human concentration, giving every employee the power to ‘grab’ every other employee’s attention is the ultimate form of featherbedding. It keeps everyone distracted just enough to make sure we’re not innovating too quickly.” Holy poop — all of this from economic historian Dror Poleg.
  • “Hacks” was thoroughly enjoyable, but B.D. McClay isn’t wrong — showing the work would have potentially made a good show actually great.
  • An hour of type nerdery with Dan Rhatigan? Sad to have missed this live, but glad to catch up after the fact. Can’t wait to see more of his Ringold series.
  • I may have posted this Tiny Desk (from Home) show with Deep Sea Diver before, but no reason to not post it again if only for the Twin Peaks vibes of the set.
  • I’ve always been intrigued by the off-the-road lives of musicians, and this piece from (again) Jessica Dobson from Deep Sea Driver had my attention right from the get-go.
  • “The other reality is that what we thought of as normal before the pandemic was broken in many ways. And if we continue to barrel toward it with singular focus, a transformative future will be foreclosed to us all.” This once is a generational chance to radically change our world as Ekemini Uwan describes is quickly slipping away.
  • F37 Wyman transforms Lance Wyman’s distinctive lettering into a new OpenType font in collaboration with Rick Banks.