Through Lines 050

This is the Schoolhouse Rock low-fi smokey rock club vibe I was hoping would come through on this new St. Vincent album, due out on May 14th. She really is proving to be a David Bowie-like chameleon with each new release.

  • I’m here for more super nerd-level science like this incredible particle discovery.
  • This series of Sports Rules explainers is incredible. I might finally be able to really have a handle on what the hell is going on during an American football game!
  • Grab one of the last copies available of The Art of Typewriting. A beaut!
  • The nerd in me is pretty excited for The Bad Batch which picks up from the last, excellent season of Clone Wars and looks to tie into The Mandalorian too.
  • Ditto for Loki which looks like it’ll be a fun romp.
  • FontBrief is maybe the thing we’ve all really wanted for a long time, and certainly an intriguing idea.
  • A new book about the IBM Poster Program? Yes please. I really have one question that I hope the book addresses, but I suspect it will not: how the program ended.
  • Are you being set up to fail? A handy cheatsheet from Scott Berkun.
  • Globs is pretty fun but no obvious way to export (yet?)
  • I say again, f**k NFTs.