Through Lines 046

I loved The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, and just as much the earlier documentary about Terry Gilliam’s decades long struggle to make his Don Quixote film, so a follow-up documentary feels strangely appropriate.

  • I’m not saying I’m anti-process, but I think Michelle’s really onto something here in framing the idea of process vs practice, especially among teams.
  • Exploriso is a new book on Risograph printing. I remember catching wind of this some time ago but just learned that an English edition (with a preface by my friend Jo Frenken) was just released. Warning: shipping costs more than the book.
  • As renters in California over the last almost 9 years after previously being a homeowner back in Canada, I’ve seen both sides. It feels much worse here in the US, but I can say that something definitely needs to change.
  • Chopsticks at restaurants have always felt like one of those obviously wasteful single-use products, so it’s good to see someone giving them a new life.
  • This drone bowling alley fly through video really is something else.
  • James consistently makes great fonts. I love when he pulls out something that feels so unexpected like his latest, Transducer. The name alone had my attention.
  • My brother-in-law Andrew has a new book called “written matter” out. Nice work bro!
  • Black holes are never not interesting. Cygnus X-1 in particular.