Through Lines 044

Dr. Mike Ryan of the W.H.O. speaking about the catastrophe we continue to set ourselves up for as a civilization. “We’re writing cheques we cannot cash as a civilization for the future, and they’re going to bounce.”

  • Related to the above: this talk from MoMA senior design curator Paola Antonelli.
  • I had someone do exactly this this week. Not the first time, and won’t be the last either. Being ready meant it was easy to deal with, and allowed me to turn the experience into a productive one rather than something deflating.
  • Many of my most treasured concert memories involve Massey Hall in Toronto, so a book celebrating this historic venue is certainly right up my alley.
  • As if I couldn’t love space nerds any more… NASA systems engineer Ian Clark hid a message in the orange and white stripes of the Perseverance Mars landing parachute. An appropriate message too I might add.
  • Guinness's largest LEGO brick build — 3 years, 50 designers, and 150 million bricks.
  • This piece on crypto art sums up my apprehension with it, or at least a significant portion of it anyway. Toss in Twitter’s new Super Followers thing and you really have something that makes me lose even more faith in tech.
  • I dig these new Milton Glaser type releases from P22 now including Glaser Kitchen.
  • Hannah Georgas was part of the Wavelength Winter Festival last weekend. Found out she was singing backup with The National during their last stop through the Bay Area in 2019 for which I had tickets but had to be in Minneapolis. Le sigh.
  • Spoiler alert: Episode 7 of WandaVision has one of the greatest (and most hilarious) TV reveals of all time. Kathryn Hahn is a national treasure. I’ve said too much.
  • I don’t think the original Teenage Engineering collaborations with IKEA ever made it to North America but I love that they’re continuing to hack on those original ideas (and open-sourcing those hacks to boot).
  • More new music from The National’s Matt Berninger? Yes please and thank you.
  • p5.riso has my interests piqued.