Through Lines 041

I’m still working my way through all the great shows available from the Live from Massey Hall site — and discovering ones I’d somehow overlooked like this performance by Hannah Georgas who just happens to have a new album out including a single with Matt Berninger from The National.

  • “A human-centered design focus unwittingly puts us at odds with everything else: people apart from nature rather than a part of nature. It promotes a kind of hyper-selfishness and a throwaway culture where true costs are routinely, artfully, elegantly, conveniently hidden.” Yes. Exactly this.
  • An intriguing look as the potential key to creativity — and frankly the word “jootsing” is delightful in how it rolls off the tongue. The last sentence is a banger too, and something I more or less said aloud today at work. Again.
  • I wasn’t at all familiar with Lorenzo Petrantoni's work before reading this column from Steve Heller, but it’s a fun rabbit hole to go down.
  • Canada just made open scraping of public photos illegal though it remains to be seen how this can or will be enforced.
  • Voyage feels like it’s basically everywhere in branding and identity work right now, but it may just be this Art Deco style of type is having a moment.
  • Dear Peter, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
  • The last one, yeah, that’s me.
  • I think I found the next book I want to read.