Through Lines 028

This week has and continues to be one big stress ball on all fronts. This not-quite-a-monologue from Stephen Colbert perfectly captures what I think a lot of us are thinking and have been thinking over the last four years. I wish the madness would just end, but the truth is there’s a long road ahead even after this election.

  • I can’t recall how I stumbled on this performance by Slow Meadow but with everything that’s going on out in the world, it offers a beautiful and sublime musical respite.
  • I didn’t know what to expect of Ted Lasso, but as so many have also discovered, it’s such a delight in every way, and the perfect kind of escapism for this moment. Hearing about its origins from Jason Sudekis cements that for me.
  • Having had the opportunity to spend a couple months with Nick and Nadine (aka Sonnenzimmer) a few years back, they are indeed a rare creative duo. They continue to impress with their creative dexterity and ambition.
  • Columba from Colophon Foundry is definitely going on the ‘ol font wish list, if only for the gorgeous little bird pictogram!
  • Jooks Script has definitely got something interesting happening — the all caps settings especially even if it might have some readability issues.
  • Logic Monospace is one more to add to the recent collection of intriguing monospace type families, this time from Jeremy Mickel. The manuscript variant is particularly swoon-worthy.
  • The song “Time (The Revelator)” had me the first time I heard it. There’s something about Gillian Welch and David Rawling’s story captured in this NY Times piece that makes me appreciate what a treasure they are even more.
  • Unexpectedly satisfying.
  • All the Letraset.
  • RIP Sean Connery.