Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s interesting to step back and look at how circumstances influence behavior, indeed, my own. While I was on sabbatical last year, I began doing something that generally would be counter-intuitive: subscribing to mailing lists.

I started with Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing. His book of the same name, which I've mentioned before, continues to be an excellent read, so one might expect his mailing list would be equally enticing. Spoiler: it is. Not long after, I found The Fearless Strategies from Lucian James. He describes it “about (self)leadership, inspired by Japanese traditions of fearlessness.” North American culture could learn a lot from Japanese traditions and norms, and it’s proven to be an interesting spin with many immediately useful lessons and ideas.

Most recently, I’ve been devouring The Self-Reliance Project from Jessica Helfand of Design Observer. Her daily essays are a nice distraction from the current state of affairs, and profoundly moving. They encourage the kind of introspection I find helps me get unstuck.

What proves to work (for me) is that they offer more than they ask, and the pace they encourage feels right for these peculiar times.