A Metamorphosis

Terry Raby and I revealing the new Meta identity at Facebook/Meta HQ
Revealing the new Meta company identity at HQ with longtime collaborator Terry Raby.

I will be the first to admit my uncomfortableness with the idea of the metaverse. We’ve already seen what can go wrong with social technology at scale in the real world, so I hold a healthy skepticism about how that will play out in any kind of virtual reality — especially in a “come as you want to be” scenario.

As someone whose interest was as much about seeing inside the machine as anything else, it’s not every day that you get to play a part, even a tiny one, in transformational moments within one of the most significant, consequential organizations on the planet.

This moment was a chance to close a chapter on that sign which I have nearly a decade of history with. I don’t think we’ll really know what the impact of this will be for some time, but for now and no matter how I may feel about the change or what it means, I have some good behind-the-scenes stories. I’m sure one day I’ll be (ahem) allowed to share them properly.