A Gift to the Future

Photo of Risograph printed photograph of a yellow mailbox in Vienna
Four-color Risograph printed still from An Impossible Project.

Last weekend, amidst completing a project with my friend, illustrator Ryan Johnson, I produced an edition of Risograph prints of the above image which is taken from the documentary film An Impossible Project. It’s message so elegantly captures one of my (ahem, many) reservations about the digitization of so much of our modern lives.

Technology comes and goes so easily that it’s hard to imagine most of the content being created surviving 40 years. Your instagram images? I wouldn’t count on it. Your emails? Maybe, but what happens to those when you’re gone? We entrust so much to organizations whose interests and priorities are often not in our favor. Maybe that shoebox of letters and postcards under the bed isn’t such a bad idea.

20 of the edition of 30 prints are available directly via my shop. The remainder will be included in random orders of other products while supplies last.

Hint: use code SUPER20 for a little off the top.